The Israelis attacked the "Freedom Flotilla"

Gaza, May 31, (Pal Telegraph – By Sameh Habeeb)

A number of Israeli naval ships is approaching the “Freedom Flotilla” sea aid convoys near Gaza shores. The boats which is carrying thousands of tones of aid and food stuff sailed to Gaza from Cyprus after launching the flotilla a few days ago.
Tweeting from the sear, Freegaza is saying that signals are going up and down. Israel is doing its best to block the satellite.

According to Lubna Masarwa, member of Freegaza Movement on board of one of the ships. The Israeli army has sent 2 ships and started to issue threats against the civilians on these boats.

Maarwa said, “ they contacted the ship asking who we are. They are getting closer to the ship. We can see them, 3 boats are coming not we are still 78 mile away from Israeli waters.”

More than 750 international peace activists are aiming at arriving to within Monday by sea to the besieged Gaza Strip. The boats carry more than 10,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid and building materials are loaded on these boats.

Hundred housing units are onboard and more than 500 wheelchairs for handicap children as well.

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